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12.03.2019, 06:13
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The days of going to work for a company and it lasting your life time are gone. Rare is the person who has been with the same company for their whole career.

In our area when Bethlehem Steel went bankrupt quite a few people who had retired and thought they were set for their retirement lost their medical coverage completely. People who had worked for them for thirty plus years had now lost something that they were depending on.

This placed a huge burden on them and their families and they were totally unprepared for it.

Will this be happening for the Big 3? Not sure but it definitely is a huge risk for those that have retired and even more so for those that work there and are dependent upon a pension from them for their retirement. The bad part is that those companies are not alone.

It is becoming more and more common for this to happen in the new world environment.

Compare that to the risk of running your own business?

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