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The earliest source
16.03.2019, 08:06
Beitrag #1
The earliest source
The earliest source of the song "The Short Story of Paper" from the fire comes from "Jade Pear Soul". Xu Jiya's "Jade Pear Soul" is a celebrity novel, a poetic novel. Zhu Yu, Qing Yu Yu Yu, read the full mouth. Jue Qi's novels are deeply influenced by "Dream of Red Mansions" and "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio" Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale. I want to read "Strange Tales from a Lonely Studio". The ending is too bleak and mournful, and the protagonists are annihilated. There is only one negative person in the book, and later he has a good heart, and he is also a friend of the protagonist. Bai Liying and He Mengxia are the purest and cleanest love Newports 100, and they are loved and ruthless. The two are close friends. They are limited to correspondence, poetry and sings, all of which are spiritual exchanges Newport 100S Price. There are more than one hundred poems in the book, which shows the depth of the author's ancient knowledge. I feel that this book is a combination of poetry and the protagonist's turn Newports Cigarettes Website, and has the tradition of old novels and operas. Li Niang is a young and talented widow. Her heart is like a dry well, and she is obedient to the woman. But with the arrival of Mengxia, her heart has once again moved. The son Peng Lang is the bluebird messenger of the two, and the two exchange heart and soul. With the world people. However, she was deeply convinced by the feudal ethics, and she was ignorant of Mengxia, and she felt guilty. In her dreams, Xia is a kind of love, and she fell into love. In the face of the obstacles of reality, he won't get Pear Niang's vow to be lonely and old-fashioned. Li Niang did not want to do this. She planned for him. She wanted to match Xiaoguzi Cui Yuqian and Meng Xia, and made a new tragedy. Li Niang was arrogant at this time Cheap Cigarette. Qian Qian is a person who has accepted new education. Unwilling to be arranged by marriage, advocating freedom of marriage, but not against the opinions of father and nephew, she began to lose her happiness. Li Niang will force her beloved person to the younger son, and place Mengxia in the same place. When she is aware of the mistakes she has made, she hates herself and tortures herself to die. And Qian Qian lost her "long as a mother" as a close friend of Li Niang, and she died physically and mentally. The pear flower that symbolizes the pear shadow and the Xinyi, which symbolizes Qian Qian, are also fading, and both of them are beautiful people.
Soon after Qian��s father died, Cui��s only left the lonely Peng Lang. So Mengxia Japan, in order to serve the motherland in the future, devoted himself to the revolution and died in the country. After the death of Li Niang, he did not want to live, whether it is sensational or swearing, it is a kind of love. The background of this book is sadness.
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