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At the time of the
16.03.2019, 08:07
Beitrag #1
At the time of the
At the time of the plum blossoms, I was invited to Fuheng as a guest on weekends. I had a pleasant trip and felt that the beauty of Fuheng had not reached Fuheng, and I first felt the beauty of the atmosphere. Starting from Jixian County, passing the first bridge of the Burma Road, following the veins of the Bonan Ancient Road, taking the Burma Road, passing Shiwopu, Xiuling, Taiping and Yongping Huanglianpu, taking the Dabao Highway and entering Fuheng from Looking from a distance, Fuheng is like a huge hanging pot. It is placed in a circle of mountains and under the morning sun. The alpine valleys are flowing, the clouds are haunting, people are among them, the mountains are wide, the people are small, Freehand feelings naturally sprout. Before that, I have been to many places. His mountains and rivers have been very impressive. I have been sorghum and sing. However, when I walked into Fuheng, I accidentally found that compared to those places. Come, Fuheng is not inferior, but she is not known to the squats, she is not recognized by others, she is not freehanded by people, and she is not rich, and there is no chicken. I am a teacher. The beauty of the teacher is manifested by the heavy and cumbersome work. It is common to encounter it. It is not a wonderful thing to get out of the shackles and go to a quiet place. Isn��t it a wonderful thing? In the realm of pursuing, Fuheng Middle School should be worn out. However, when I walked into Fuheng Middle School, the objective existence exceeded my imagination. I was impressed by a reality, and my heart could not help but sprout. A lot of emotions came out, but in the end, I hid my feelings and walked through Fuheng Middle School. Six woody, the place where the tigers basking in the sun. According to Fuheng people, the former rich Hengshu Gaolinmi Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, the tiger who suffered from the tidal pain in the forest Cigarettes Types, often came out of the forest, came here to sun, the sun is rich like a giant bamboo, can be divided into four sections. Among them, six woods are the third quarter. Looking down from there, the bottom layer is the Shunyu River. The mountains on both sides are extremely steep. The faint smog swims between the gullies Marlboro Cigarettes Website, flowing, blurred and concealed. It is unfathomable. The second section is the mountainside. The path is like a silk thread, connected by silk, the forest with green onions, the clouds from the tree, from the leaves, rise to the air, condensed into clouds, as if to go to the market, as if to go to feast, and other clouds One, heading south, never staying in the third quarter is Fuheng, based on Liumuben, the typical place in the mountains, the most beautiful is the wind. The wind is like a little girl, walking down the hill with a light footstep, over the short bushes, the sounds of the leaves, low and low, such as singing like a song Newports Cigarettes Price, like a song; the wind is like a lady, slowly coming, The skirts rubbed through the houses of the people, and the sound of the roof was like a piano sound. It was silky and fluttering. It began to look like the front, and the fourth quarter of the distance was the top. The mountains are far and wide, echoing in the distance, and the mountains are extremely empty. The sound of the wind on the top of the mountain, as if many horses are running, the sound of running is endless, and the quiet place of the party has an atmosphere, and it has a warm color. See also a white cloud, the arrow generally rushed from the forest to the sky, as if put a salute in the sky, flowers made countless flowers, red and blue, red and blue, suddenly disappeared, wonderful to the afternoon wind like a poet Narration said that deep affection sings, accompanied by a short silence. I think Fuheng should know that I am just a very ordinary teacher. There is no need to show me so much beauty. Maybe she is telling her story to someone who is not worthy of the world? And I am actually in this story, deeply affectionate. I stubbornly imagined a very inconspicuous wash pen as Walden. I don't care what kind of narrative I use, nor how much I can understand. The important thing is that I was touched by her sincerity. I think I left Fuheng despite the reasons for leaving, but I will not forget this beautiful place after the initial trepidation. I think if I compare Fu Heng to an old writer, I will be interested in his legendary experience - maybe I can't even understand his work in Fu Heng Street, under the shallow sunshine, found in tranquility. There is a peace in the middle. The clouds that traveled, reflecting a blue sky, the white clouds rubbed the treetops of the top of the mountain and went to say that Fuheng is beautiful Wholesale Cigarettes Online, and the villagers said that beauty is in the scenery. I asked how life is like? The people in the village said that this year's walnuts are good and the price is high, and I thought that these auras with Fuheng's treasure land are rich, and this starry sky is welcoming new people in a persevering wait. The era is full of vitality. She shows her unique charm to the world with her unique scenery and connotation.
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