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23.04.2019, 06:44
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Eric Berry won’t practice Wednesday Travis Kelce Jersey , plus other injury updates As promised, Kansas City Chiefs head athletic trainer (VP of sports medicine and performance) Rick Burkholder provided an injury update regarding starting safety Eric Berry’s sore heel on Wednesday morning.The news was not optimal.“I know there has been a lot of questions about Eric Berry,” Burkholder said. “I know coach (Andy Reid) has said that it’s day to day. It is literally day to day. He won’t practice [Wednesday], but he’s spent a lot of time with us. He’s improving, he’s getting better every day and so we’ll continue with that process.”Berry has not practiced since August 11.The other major player of note was S Daniel Sorensen, who injured his knee in the preseason and is thus expected to miss regular-season time. Sorensen is currently on the Chiefs’ injured reserve list. “It was four weeks ago [Wednesday] that he had the surgery,” Burkholder said of Sorensen. “He’s been with us constantly doing pool work. Every day, he’s in. He’s going to meetings Tyreek Hill Jersey , all that. We won’t know anything for two more weeks before we study that, but he’s where he’s supposed to be right now. He’s working hard, so in a couple weeks, we’ll give you an update on that.”Finally, Burkholder updated the media on wide receiver Byron Pringle (hamstring).“[Pringle] pulled his left hamstring,” Burkholder said. “When we did an MRI, we found that he had a left inguinal hernia, and that hernia needed immediate attention Carlos Hyde Jersey , so he had surgery [Tuesday] at the Kansas University Medical Center by Dr. John Alley, and so he’s got an extended recovery ahead of him for the hernia, and in the meantime the hamstring will also get attention, but the hamstring will clear up quicker than the hernia will, so he’s going to miss some time.” Four years ago, the NFL devised the Commissioner Exempt list as a tool for keeping players in the early days of serious off-field trouble away from the field. The NFL now needs to come up with a tool for keeping these players away from the headlines, too.It’s an idea Mike Tirico of NBC’s suggested on Sunday. A pause button of sorts that would keep a player like former Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt from being released and in turn being exposed to waivers only a handful of days after his placement on the Commissioner Exempt list. And in tuen being claimed on waivers, kicking up multiple days of needless dust.Setting aside for now the very real concerns about how the NFL got to the point where it didn’t get the surveillance video showing Hunt shoving and kicking a woman in the hallway of a Cleveland hotel and/or hadn’t even interviewed Hunt about the situation while waiting for more information to emerge from a pipeline that had gone dry Bashaud Breeland Jersey , the league needs to consider how it handles these issues moving forward from the moment that a paid suspension begins.Basically, and as Tirico suggested, everything needs to be frozen in place. The player can’t be released or, at a minimum, the player can’t be claimed on waivers in the immediate aftermath of a release.The current procedure forces the player into multiple news cycles at a time when the NFL would prefer that the player disappear, at least for now. Last week’s Reuben Foster debacle showed what happens when a team (and it was only one team) tries to secure dibs on a player who likely will be cleared at some point in the future to play. Today, someone may give in to the temptation to take a flier on the former Toledo Rocket who became the NFL’s rushing champion as a rookie.The fact that the Browns won’t rule it out shows that teams will make football decisions regardless of P.R. complications. Yes, the Foster situation played out poorly Anthony Sherman Jersey , but other teams may believe that they can handle the situation much better (or at least not as badly) as Washington did. In the end, the goal is to win football games, and the sudden availability of a player like Kareem Hunt will help win football games, even if not until a year from now.So here’s where the league needs to implement a freeze that applies whenever a formal review as to whether a player should be placed on the Commissioner Exempt list commences. (Foster was actually cut after his latest incident but before he was placed on the paid leave.) For the team that is forced to pay a player who isn’t available to play, that’s the price of employing a player with the propensity to get in trouble and/or failing to keep him out of trouble.Regardless, the greater good of the league will be promoted by not trusting other teams to do the right thing in the face of a strong temptation to acquire a talented player. Last week’s example proved that all teams can’t be trusted. So the better course would be to not tempt them.
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